How it works

Get started with advertising in 2020 style

Launching your music on TikTok has never been easier.

As one of the first companies helping creators, artists and brands on TikTok ever, we have experiences and insights like no one else.

We have our own creators

We incubate and accelerate short video creators to create branded content for you.

Growth and result driven

We use the most effective and recent growth hacks to create return you'd like.

Leveraging the algorithm

We know what we are doing so that's why we offer a guaranteed result.

1. Choose a package

Don't worry if you get enough value for your money. We offer minimum guaranteed results for every campaign we run.

2. You get a dedicated account manager

Once you've signed-up, your account manager will introduce themselves and source for the right creators in our network. Your account manager will be your main point of contact and will keep you updated on the status of your project.

3. Submit your campaign brief

Easily provide us your campaign brief, including the song you want to launch and if necessary additional information.

4. Your accounts will be set up (China only)

We help you with the verification of your artist account on Douyin and Netease Music and make sure your song is available there.

5. Influencers will create and post a video with your music

This is the moment where its going to happen. The creators will post a video following your brief.

6. You receive a campaign report

After 4 weeks of the first post, you receive a campaign report.

What you can expect from us?

Whether you a brand, artist or creator, you deserve to be treated well.

Easy & quick communication

We use the latest technologies to improve the communication.

Multilingual communication

We have an international team speaking English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Dutch.

Online service helpdesk?

Questions about your project? We answer questions 7 days a week.

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Informative Applications

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What makes us unique.

As one of the only companies out there, our team exists of the REAL early adopters in the short video industry or are creators themselves.

We train creators

Our creators are trained by our team to created branded content.

Automated processes

We automate our onboarding and communication to reduce costs.

Long-time experience

Our team has been involved from the early days of short video.

Growth mindset

We learn from our cases and improve our campaigns all the time.

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Let's get active

Welcome to the new UPLAB

A new website, look and feel, but still with the same mission and vision to help brands, artists and creators with short video.

Now, you can easily book our services and learn from our resources.